Reinforcement Consulting specializes in putting statistics back on the side of those serving our communities, by providing psychologist-developed trainings that promote personal & professional resilience in those with high-stress careers.

Dr. Heather Rose-Carlson
Owner/Chief Manager
Clinical Director

Dr Heather Rose-Carlson, PsyD, LP is a Clinical Psychologist and Board Certified.  She has worked with military, first responders, and critical incidents/trauma for the past 21 years and has run her own private practice since 2006.  Dr Heather worked as a Clinical Consultant for the Veterans Center and volunteered with Project New Hope providing therapeutic retreats for Combat Veterans and their families.


Coming from a Law Enforcement family, Dr Heather was honored to have the opportunity to become the Clinical Director of the Duluth Police Department Peer Support Program and subsequently the Consulting Director for the Superior Police Department Peer Support. Dr Heather and her therapy dog, Tippen, also serve their community by volunteering with the Arrowhead Critical Incident Stress Management Team that provides services to First Responders following Critical Incidents for Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Alison Crotteau
 Clinical Manager

Alison Crotteau, BA, LSW is a licensed social worker with a background in adult mental health. She is a certified life coach through the Robbins-Madanes Training Program, and the founder of The Flourish Factor, which guides individuals and organizations to goal achievement through personal & professional development.

With a passion for content creation, she assists organizations in refining their message and making impactful marketing strategies to best serve their ideal client base. Alison is skilled in taking complex concepts and making them accessible, comprehensible and marketable to mainstream audiences.

As Clinical Manager of Reinforcement Consulting, LLC, Alison utilizes both her content development skills and clinical training passion to serve those who serve our communities, particularly in the law enforcement realm. She also owns and operates a successful retail business and specializes in systems implementation, marketing and staff development & training.

Alex Ross
Clinical Manager

Alex Ross, MA, LPCC, is a licensed Clinical Counselor and Board Certified. She works with individuals of varying ages and specializes in providing services to address trauma with children, adolescents and adults. She works in private practice with Dr. Heather Rose-Carlson, Psy.D.,L.P and is a Clinical Manager of Reinforcement Consulting, LLC.


Alex volunteers with the Arrowhead Critical Incident Stress Management team providing services to First Responders following Critical Incidents for Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Daryl Carlson
Chief Operating Officer

Daryl Carlson is the Chief Operating Officer of  Reinforcement Consulting.  He has a passion for giving back to those that support our communities. His background is in business management and he has run multiple successful small business for the past 20 years.  Now his  focus is the business and project management for Reinforcement Consulting. 


Daryl enjoys spending time fishing, hiking and camping with his family and friends and he particularly enjoys going to their remote cabin in Ely, MN that stands between old growth pine trees and has great bass fishing. 

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