All consulting services are provided by at least two Reinforcement Consulting providers. Service offerings are customized to specific agency needs based on organizational structure, status of peer support program as well as size and available resources per the recommendations of Reinforcement Consulting.


Initial one hour of consultation with a Reinforcement Consulting provider to assess agency status, resources and needs as well as initiate initial proposal at no cost to the agency.

Newly Established Teams:

Reinforcement Consulting provides 40 hours of support, guidance and

training to a newly established peer support team by two Reinforcement providers; separate from online training course offerings.


Established Teams:

Reinforcement Consulting provides 20 hours of support, guidance and training to an established and ongoing peer support team for sustainability; separate from online training course offerings.



Reinforcement Consulting will provide 16 hours of annual training to an ongoing and established peer support as a supplement to maintain ongoing certification of peer support team and its members.


As Needed:

Custom services, in person training or other services as consultation recommends or contracts with Reinforcement Consulting within to be determined parameters.


*Contact Reinforcement Consulting directly to discuss rates and further details regarding above listed options at (218) 590-9940.

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