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First Responders

Reinforcement Consulting provides expert consulting, training and educational resources to create and support effective Peer Support Teams for those who serve our communities.

Our mission is to support our first responders as their jobs become increasingly challenging. By providing integrative training and consultation, we equip first responders with the knowledge and skills they need to work through Critical Incidents and accumulated stress to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

The job is harder than it’s ever been. Invest in your number one resource: your people.

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Our job is to help your team support one another by strengthening Peer Support teams with expert consulting.


Learn from a seasoned Peer Support team backed by clinical oversight that will strengthen your team.


Quick access to emergency service personnel support and resources. Here for you whenever you need it.

Support and Strength for the Duluth Police Department

“We all know this is a tough job, getting tougher…this (peer support) work is invaluable to our organization. To have this program, to have people in our organization that are dedicated to the welfare of our people, is very, very important.”

-Mike Tusken, Chief of Police, Duluth, MN

“The job that we do is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world. The stress is unbelievable. You (officers) are our number one resource that we have and you have to take care of that resource. And this program is going to do that.”

-Lieutenant Jeff Kazel, Duluth, MN Police Dept.

“The Eden Prairie Police Department is committed to prioritizing officer mental wellness, and ongoing education is an essential part of how we operate. The Lake Superior Model of Peer Support has been a great resource for our team. Our internal peer support team is already helping our officers process difficult work-related and personal situations.”

-Lieutenant Sergeant Jess Irmiter, Eden Prairie Police Department